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A deep and mesmerizing voice ... music that builds bridges ... roots and wings ... extraordinary musicians .... freedom... a cocktail of soul, folk, jazz, reggae and blues ... and love .. always. Welcome Chelima’s world
"A luminous singer... A lot of warmth, tenderness, and emotion in this project'

Lionel Eskenazi (Jazzmag, France Musique, Music)

"We can talk about a cocktail : a good dose of reggae and soul, a glassfull of blues,  a dash of 'chanson', all served with jazz. To enjoy without moderation !

Action Jazz 

Chélima- Photo @ Méline

Chélima is a French singer of Malian, Spanish and Egyptian origins. For 15 years, Chélima has worked behind the scenes of the music scene as a manager (Seckou Keita with whom she co-produced several albums), booking agent (Natacha Atlas) or production manager (Jazz FM UK and Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival) . This enriching experience will lead her to discover the greatest international stages and musicians of the world and jazz scene.

Chélima has been singing since a very young age and after a long break, she went back to music at the age of 35. Her various explorations and a long stay in Senegal lead her to compose a repertoire of songs with a  heart of soul, blues, reggae or jazz.

In 2016, she met Moustapha Gaye, guitarist Youssou 'N' Dour. This will mark a turning point. He encourages her to go ahead and he helped arranging her songs. He also introduced her to his master, Jeannot Mendy. The magic operated right away and together they shaped a world of international delights. She then decided to try the stage and in 2017, she played in the bars and Summer stages in the South of France.

In March 2018, she released her first EP, The Beholder and began her first tours. She will appear at the International Jazz Festival of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​at the Sunset Jazz Club (Paris), Pizza Express Soho Jazz Club (London) and Festival Rock the Pistes (Avoriaz).

In mid 2019, she began working with Sura Susso's Kora player on the duet project 'crossing worlds' in which they take on the greatest standards of jazz, soul and Latin music.

To highlight this familiar and original world, she is accompanied by a cast of extraordinary musicians:

Jeannot Mendy (Senegal)

He is one of the greatest Senegalese guitarists. He was the artistic director of Vivian N'Dour for 15 years and has accompanied all the greatest singers in the country.

Jasmin Ljutic (Bosnia)

Bassist, contrabassist, composer, Jasmin is a free electron who navigates between jazz and world music (Diwanini, Brandy Butler, Gwana Sounds)

Valérie Chane Tef (Reunion Island)

Pianist, composer, she is passionated about Jazz and Caribbean music. She is at the origin of the Akoda band.

Albert Gnanho (Benin): Beninese drummer who grew up in Senegal, Albert played with artists like Daara J family and Touré Kunda

Sura Susso (Gambia)

Kora player, singer, percussionist and composer who has played with different bands (Seckou Keita, Habib Koité, Pete Josef) and now regularly performs under his own name all over the world.



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